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The Ultimate Guide to Managed Bug Bounty

Your guide to a growing attack surface, the cybersecurity skill shortage, and combatting dynamic adversaries

Organizations have widely adopted various tools and training to help find security vulnerabilities in digital assets and mitigate the introduction of vulnerabilities during coding.With an increase in both the number of attackers and attack surface complexity, the goal of ensuring cybersecurity has become more difficult.

Throughout the past decade, the industry has discovered the irreplaceable value of incentivizing highly skilled hackers to uncover hidden critical flaws in today’s massive attack surface, in the form of bug bounty programs.

Download the Ultimate Guide to Bug Bounty Programs to learn:

  • The evolution of crowdsourced security and the emergence of the Crowd
  • How a “bug bounty” is defined and its key benefits
  • The different components of a bug bounty program
  • How to get started, grow, and measure the impact of your bug bounty program over time
  • What to ask a prospective bug bounty provider to ensure a good fit with your resources
  • How to differentiate between a bug bounty program, a vulnerability disclosure program, and penetration testing

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