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Shut down social engineering threats

Even simple social engineering hacks can lead to massive breaches. Help prevent them through training, workshops, and pen testing, powered by SocialProof Security.


Attacking the problem on multiple fronts

Called the #1 threat in the 2021 ISACA State of Cybersecurity Survey, social engineering relies on the manipulation of humans–including phishing, pretexting, and impersonation–to acquire data, credentials, or other sensitive information. Fortunately, a multidimensional approach can reduce that risk. With Bugcrowd Social Engineering awareness solutions powered by SocialProof Security, you can:

  • Train all employees to notice and report attacks, and sharpen security practitioner skills
  • Strengthen identity verification methods to stop account takeover
  • Validate the effectiveness of training and protocol updates with pen testing

Awareness Training

Train everyone in your organization to recognize and shut down social engineering attacks through real-world examples of hacking and mitigation (often fulfills PCI-DSS, SOX, and other compliance requirements for annual security awareness training). 


Protocol and Practitioner Workshops

Documenting and upgrading identity verification protocols is a critical step for social engineering defense. Similarly, upskilling your practitioner teams in the area has huge benefits. We offer workshop programs for both.


Penetration Testing

Want to assess the impact of training and social engineering prevention protocols? Our Social Engineering Pen Test measures your org’s resistance to multi-channel attacks and/or account takeover. It includes a full report along with mitigation recommendations.

“No matter how many pen tests we run, or how many tools we use, we’re never going to pick up every vulnerability internally. But with a range of people from various backgrounds with different experience and expertise, we’re more likely to identify bugs in our system.”
Adrian Ludwig, CISO, Atlassian
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Priority One report

Priority One Report

Our Priority One Report focuses on vulnerability trends across industries, reflecting growing security researcher activity on our platform, including submission volume, severity, and type.

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