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Know every inch of your attack surface

Find, inventory, and assign risk to forgotten and shadow apps, exposed devices, and other hidden assets across your attack surface.


Discover. Prioritize. Act.

Bugcrowd revolutionizes attack surface management (ASM) by blending the ingenuity of the Crowd, technology, and data to help you uncover hidden or forgotten assets (ASM Inventory), then assign and prioritize risk to them (ASM Risk). The most thorough assessment of attack surface risks available, Bugcrowd ASM goes far beyond what other solutions do to help you inventory, understand, and assign risk to all your digital assets.


See and manage everything

Inventory and manage assets, and find hidden ones that scanners miss–exactly as an attacker would.


Assign and prioritize risk

The Bugcrowd Platform’s AssetGraphTM technology ranks asset risk based on a rich repository of security knowledge based on data collected over a decade.


Analyze and report

Analyze results and package them along with recommendations for executive review—highly useful during M&A!


Pivot to remediation

Easily transfer discovered vulnerabilities into Bug Bounty or Pen Test solutions for remediation.

Power of the Crowd

Going beyond automation

A third of successful cyberattacks now occur via unmanaged or unknown assets. Bugcrowd Attack Surface Management solutions drastically reduce that attack surface by activating a global network of trusted security researchers with deep recon skills. We then augment and guide their work with automated workflows—rather than solely relying on scanners which only help you find assets that attackers knew about yesterday. In short, Bugcrowd helps you discover vulns that threat actors haven’t found yet.


Don’t get blindsided by unknown attack vectors

The Bugcrowd Platform helps you continuously find and fix critical vulnerabilities that other approaches miss.

V ulnerability Disclosure Bug Bounty P en T est as a Service A ttack Surface Management

Working as an extension of the Bugcrowd Platform, our global team of security engineers rapidly validates and triages submissions, with P1s often handled within hours

The platform integrates workflows with your existing tools and processes to ensure that applications and APIs are continuously tested before they ship

We match you with the right trusted security researchers for your needs and environment across hundreds of dimensions using machine learning

Our platform applies accumulated knowledge, from over a decade of experience with 1000s of customer solutions, to your assets and goals to optimize outcomes

Built-in security workflows streamline program on-boarding, promote customer and researcher communication, and expedite vulnerability triage, validation, and remediation activities

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