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Why modern risk reduction really pays off

In FinTech, insurance and banking, you cannot afford to be reactive. Shut down attack vectors that put sensitive customer data, apps, and infrastructure at risk proactively and continuously.


Protect financial assets

Financial services companies are top targets for solo actors, cybercrime, and nation-states. The Bugcrowd Platform helps you avoid being blindsided by precisely bringing the right security researchers and deep insights about industry-specific vulnerabilities into your existing workflows.

  • Protect sensitive customer financial data
  • Meet and exceed compliance goals (e.g., PCI)
  • Uncover risk unique to financial attack surfaces

Secure web and mobile apps

Consumers love the web and mobile apps that make transactions so convenient. Unfortunately, so do malicious hackers. Rapidly identify and remediate critical vulnerabilities with pen testing, bug bounty and other Bugcrowd solutions before attackers strike.


Uncover complex fraud risk

Cybercriminals are endlessly inventive in committing fraud. Stay three steps ahead of threats by activating talent that “thinks like an attacker,” and—leveraging our platform’s rich Security Knowledge Graph—uncover deep vulnerabilities that other solutions miss.


Protect cryptocurrency

Volatility aside, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum across the financial services spectrum. There are attacks that target them, especially among criminal cartels and nation states. Cryptocurrency theft is enormously complex and multifaceted. Keep customer wallets safe with highly specialized Web3 vulnerability detection from Bugcrowd.

“A bug bounty program really provides an additional layer to help protect our customers. It puts things in perspective when you have a channel to collect this information.”
David Levin, Western Union
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Financial services report

Financial Services Cybersecurity Report

Our State of the Industry Report focuses on vulnerability trends in the Finanicial Services industry as reflected by growing security researcher activity on our platform last year, including submission volume, severity and type.

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